About SerpBuzz

Are you struggling to get higher rankings in Google?

Or maybe you want to learn SEO?

Either way SerpBuzz can help you solve all your SEO problems.


By sharing actionable SEO tips and link building strategies that are easy to implement.

Check out our blog to read all our SEO strategies we share with the community.

3 Ways SerpBuzz Can Help You Grow Your Business

Theirs 3 ways SerpBuzz can help you grow your business online.

  1. By reading our SEO blog.
  2. 1-on-1 Consultations
  3. Monthly SEO service


If your just beginning your journey as an SEO professional…

Or, just want to learn a little more about SEO;

Deffinitely head over to our blog and read all you can.


If your already a seasoned professional, and want to learn a few quick SEO hacks…

…Or just want to elevate your SEO knowledge, then deffinitely sign up for a 1-on-1 consultation call. (we hold these calls via skype - and everything is recorded)


Our monthly SEO service is reserved for local businesses, or affiliate website owners.

Wether your trying to drive more business to your company;

Or, just trying to sell more products online to make a commission.

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

You can learn more about our monthly seo service here.

About Justin Swift

SerpBuzz was founded by Justin Swift, a little known SEO expert from Boston, Massachusetts.

After hiring an SEO company, “who shalt not be named” to help rank a website he owned. Only to find out 6 months later that no work was being done.

And, because of that no results were ever going to come!

So he set out to learn everything he could about search engine optimization.

From reading the top seo blogs to joining online mastermind groups worth thousands of dollars.

Doing everything these so-called “SEO Gurus” taught I started a few websites that failed misserably.

Then finally;

Justin hit the jackpot after creating a few niche sites in the health and fitness industry.

Now, he has over 750 websites live in Google, 86% of those sites ranking on the 1st page of Google...


SerpBuzz is where Justin shares the tests, data, and lessons learned from these websites.

So head over to the blog to learn some actionable seo tips and strategies you’ll ever need to know.

And, I’ll see you there.

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